Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Spirit of 1976 Part XV -- An energy bill

This first one is from The Salt Lake Tribune (big surprise) 30 years ago today -- June 6, 1976, page C23:

"I believe that I speak for the average Utah citizen when I say I'm apalled by the fact that although this whole country reached a state of panic during the past energy crisis, nothing has been done to formulate a viable energy program," Orrin G Hatch declared in a statement.

The Repubilcan aspirant for the U.S. Senate nomination added: "We all know that we have dropped to fifth place in per capita living standards in the world today, with the first three places being occupied by the Middle East oil nations.

"I believe that we must support and give incentives to all resonably balanced programs which may help us to become economically and energy sound. We must set a date for self-reliance," Mr. Hatch said.

And this other one, an even bigger gem, which I forgot to put a date on (I'm 90% sure it's late May of 76), we get this tidbit:

"Although many citizens are complaining that the oil companies are making tremendous profits, we still must give incentives for the oil companies to explore and develop oil and gas prospects in our hemisphere," U.S. Senate aspirant Orrin G Hatch said Friday.

This is my next-to-the-last post in this series. Don't fret, however. I'm already working on my next series of posts.


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