Friday, May 28, 2010

Corroon's Twin Blasts Realtors for Buying Governors Mansion


All Utah Realtors, regardless of political affiliation, should be disgusted at the recent news that the Utah Association of Realtors, through its political action committee, has contributed $100,000 to the re-election campaign of Republican Gov. Gary Herbert.

The donation constitutes the largest contribution to date from a single entity to Herbert's campaign. Peter Corroon, the other candidate for the governor's seat who happens to be my brother, hasn't received a dime for his campaign from this statewide membership group. Corroon's response to the UAR gift to Herbert: The Utah governor's mansion should not be "For Sale."

In defending the contribution, UAR past president Chris Sloan only mentions that Herbert was once a Realtor and has seen Utah through difficult economic times. Sloan coincidentally is also chairman of the Tooele County GOP.

The UAR offers no perspective on Corroon, the Salt Lake County mayor who has proven to be an adept, fiscally conservative and bipartisan leader. Corroon, an attorney, property developer and real estate licensee, owns industrial, multifamily and commercial office property in Utah.

Sloan and Lerron Little, current president of UAR, and the PAC's trustees are irresponsible in throwing away $100,000 raised from member contributions. These trustees should be bipartisan and more disciplined in directing member funds, focusing on more appropriate efforts such as state and national legislative issues that impact Realtor practices and real property rights.

Shame on the leadership of the UAR, an organization of which I have long been a member. They now lead the pack of state highway contractors, out-of-state energy companies and other special interest groups trying to curry favor with, and buy their way into, the governor's mansion.

Chris Corroon is a Realtor living in Midway and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon's brother.

Monday, May 24, 2010

ACLU Goes Mike Lee on AZ Immigration

Show us your papers! (h/t OneUtah)

When I went to YouTube to pull the embed code, I saw this comment:

Native Americans should be allowed to demand that conservative (white) American's show them their papers!!

Orrin Hatch A Part of Washington? "Hell No!!"

Who has been in Washington for 80% of his time as a Utah Reesident would generally be considered a part of Washington.

Unless you're Orrin Hatch, that is.....

Senator, if this isn't your job, then why are we paying you?


Bob Bennett Blasts Tea Party

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Congressman Slams Glenn Beck Over Gold Ads

Time NewsFeed:

Forget fast-forwarding through the commercials. New York Congressman Anthony Weiner clearly watches his news broadcasts live, because he’s seen some ads that have really ticked him off.

Weiner is calling for an investigation into precious metals seller Goldline, a company Weiner claims employs conservative broadcast talkers to scare viewers into investing in gold -– at grossly inflated prices.

“On numerous occasions, Glenn Beck has dedicated entire segments of his program to explaining why the U.S. money supply is destined for hyperinflation with Barack Obama as president. He will often promote the purchase of gold as the only safe investment alternative for consumers who want to safeguard their livelihoods. When the show cuts to commercial break, viewers are treated to an advertisement from Goldline,” Weiner says in a report released Wednesday.

Also mentioned by name in the report: Fred Thompson, Dennis Miller, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Michael Smerconish, Monica Crowley and Mike Huckabee. All paid Goldline spokespeople, all taking to the airwaves to tell people to invest in gold — and fast.

Weiner says Goldline’s most egregious, misleading sales tactic has involved the standard pricing of its gold – which he claims is 90 percent above melt value. That means the value of gold would have to double for the buyer to simply break even on the purchase. Beyond that, Weiner says, Goldline representatives present themselves as financial advisors even though they have no license to do so.

Goldline has already caused something of an ethical stir over at Fox News. Beck was a paid spokesperson for the company, until he was forced to step down in order to conform to network ethics policies. Even after that mini-scandal, however, Goldline remains a major sponsor of Beck’s show. If Weiner has his way, those ads will change quite a bit — and fast

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congressman Chaffetz's Sports Hypocrisy

Jason Chaffetz is frustrated today. Apparently, he could save America today, if only he wasn't wasting his time voting to honor sports champions. From his Twitter Feed:

The stock market is diving and we are going to the Floor to vote on men's diving (swimming)....really!

The Democrats refuse to present a Budget, so we vote on sports figures. Congress must do better. I am fired up........thanks for reading

Even if we want to celebrate the Utah Jazz for coming in 4th, I will only vote Present.

Watch ESPN and hold a home town parade, but Congress is not where you should come seeking recognition in athletics.

No more will I vote in favor of recognizing sports accomplishments. People who change the world in math, science, medicine-these I support

Law enforcement, border patrol agents, and millions others who are changing people's lives.

Let's start recognizing true heroes--military, teachers, scientists, students who triumph in something other than sports

No longer will I vote for recognizing sports teams or athletes for simply winning. Congrats! They won! But I am only going to vote Present

I am done! Today we are recognizing Phil Mickelson and University of Texas men's swimming and diving team.

While I agree with him that congress shouldn't vote to honor everyone who wins a championship, it seems a little hypocritical coming from someone whose early campaign was "I'm not Chris Cannon, and I played football at BYU." OK, maybe hypocrisy is not the right word for that.

However, does any other word come to mind when you see this sports-related resolution?

(H/T YDU President Mark Hymas for the pic)

Obama: GOP Drove Nation Into Ditch, Want Keys Back

I somehow missed this last week, but it's still funny:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KCPW Interviews Utah Democratic Chair Wayne Holland

I just got done listening to an interview that Utah Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Holland did with KCPW last week. I think he did a good job. If you have an extra 20 minutes, have a listen here.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Matheson on Downwinders

Dear Bob,
Since I was first elected to Congress, I have been fighting to hold the federal government accountable for the harm done to Utahns from exposure to radioactive fallout from nuclear testing.
From 1951 until 1992, the U.S. government conducted over 900 nuclear weapons tests at the Nevada Test Site, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Of the 100 above ground tests, nearly one fourth were bigger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. At one time we thought only rural populations in the West were at risk. Recent information proves otherwise. The lone comprehensive study we have completed, of one radioactive isotope (Iodine 131), showed concentrations in every county across America. Evidence compiled over the last 13 years points to the likelihood that there are even more victims in Utah and other states than are already acknowledged under current law.
Now is the time for Congress to take a serious look at expanding the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) - first passed in 1990 and amended in 2000. Along with New Mexico Senator Tom Udall and Congressman Ben Lujan, I have sponsored the bipartisan RECA Amendments Act of 2010, HR 5119.
Under the current law, residents of only 10 Utah counties (who suffer from 18 types of radiation-associated cancer) are eligible to apply for payments. I hear many stories similar to one I heard recently from a man whose wife spent a lengthy period of time as a child just four miles beyond the Sevier County line--one of the "designated affected areas" and whose compensation claim was denied. Also, it adds renal cancer or any other chronic renal disease to the list of compensable diseases for employees of mines and mills.
I am pushing for a Congressional hearing on this issue to draw attention to new information and to raise awareness. If government deception has endangered people's health, we must shine a light on what really happened and expose the truth.


U.S. Representative
2nd District of Utah

Utahns Getting Gouged At The Pump

Often, Utah's gas prices increase and decrease just after national gas prices. Take this chart of the last six years:

And, for most of the past year, it's been a similar situation:

However, the past couple of months, Utah has seen gas prices rise far more than the national average.

Is there an explanation for this? Probably not.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rep Sandstrom Pals Around With (Neo)Nazis

SLCSpin (good to have you back, BTW....):

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom wants to sponsor legislation in Utah that mirrors the Arizona effort.
He says he wants to do what his “friend” Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce did.
His “friend”?
The same Russell Pearce who on the radio called for the reinstatement of “Operation Wetback”? Saying of the immigrant situation, “We know what we need to do… they must be deported”. (he refused to apologize for using ‘wetback’)
Or the same Russell Pearce who sent this fundraising letter to all of his supporters. (he would later say he didn’t read it and had no idea it was a fundraising letter for white separatists… as if he couldn’t even read the masthead… or the first hundred words)
Or the same Russell Pearce who endorsed J.T. Ready for Mesa City Council. Pearce insists he had no idea Ready was an active Neo- Nazi. I guess they just got along so well at anti immigration events…

Don't Break Up The Jazz

John Saltas over at City Weekly provides a great commentary comparing the state of the Utah Jazz to the state of the Salt Lake Tribune's sports section.

I’ve read enough bipolar columns by Gordon Monson to know that he’s a seriously tired and lazy writer. Why’s that? Because it takes one to know one. He tries so hard to be macho, hip and cool, but he comes off like a virginal water boy, one fond of peeing in the Gatorade to get even with the big boys. I’ve also read enough of Kurt Kragthorpe to believe that on any given day, he’d rather be golfing. I know that, too, because I golfed with him once. He’s a very nice guy who likes golf more than most golfers. Great—then he should cover golf more often.

The common theme on the Tribune sports pages for this entire Jazz season (on every other day, that is; it’s never consistent) has been that the Jazz should rebuild. Nah, the Tribune should rebuild.

If it were me, I’d keep the workhorse Steve Luhm, and Siler, too—if he’s not writing headlines. I’d give Michael Lewis and Lya Wodraska prominent columns. Jay Drew can stick to the Cougs. Give Marty Renzhofer the Utes. But do something, for chrissakes! The only thing worse than the end of this Utah Jazz season was the bitter exclamation point the Tribune put on it. The writers remind me of Casey Stengel’s New York Mets of whom he asked, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” Can’t anybody there write?

The Tribune sports writers are even pathetic at snarkiness, yet down the hall, they have a true snark professional in Glen Warchol. Glen could school them. Glen is at least interesting when he’s snarky.

You should really go read the whole thing. It's great.

However, he missed something.

Gordon Monson chided Andrei Kirelinko for not playing hurt. While I wish more guys would play through some pain, the fact is that playing hurt probably cost the Jazz their starting center for the playoffs and possibly until January.

And, part of the reason Kobe Bryant hasn't been his explosive self is his insistence to play through pain.

Yes' John and Karl played through pain. But, John and Karl were special.

Besides, Karl was never quite the same after he played a whole season with a broken finger, mostly because he no longer had any feeling in that finger.

Plus the Jazz aren't that bad. They tied for the 6th best record in the league this season. That despite a horrible November and December. They made the second round of the playoffs (a feat only accomplished by eight teams), despite starting an undrafted rookie and someone who is a better comedian than basketball player. Both of whom were starting because of injuries to other players.

Yes, they got swept by the Lakers. Unless somehow there is a sudden influx of talented 7-footers we can bring in for cheap, I don't see us being able to match up against them any time soon. And, in three of those four games, we had the lead in the closing minutes.

Plus, who are you going to get? Let's face it, how many top-tier players want to come someplace where the local paper trashes a second-round team?

I know I wouldn't.


Utah's Unique Immigration problem

Glen Warchol points out the elephant in the room that will make things interesting when Utah tries to pass Arizona's immigration law here:

Of course, Utah's unique cultural-political mashup could make passing similar laws (Listen up, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem) problematic. The LDS Church, which is flourishing among Latin American immigrants, could see its members, leaders and, even worse, its blessed missionaries, required to carry proof of citizenship. The church already has been embarrassed by incidents of "undocumented" missionaries being detained.

Some (Controversial) Thoughts on Operation Chaos

A number of years ago, I got accused of voter fraud.

The accusation stemmed from the fact that I changed my party registration to Republican so I could vote in a Republican primary, then switching it back to unaffiliated.

Which is perfectly legal. I know I'm not the only one who does it.

I always vote for the best candidate. Mostly because I know that there is a chance that the candidate will be the next office holder.

And every election year, we hear Republicans complain that Democrats are voting for the worst candidate. And that may be true in some instances.

However, I have never heard a message to vote for a Republican candidate come from Democratic Party Leadership, Legislators, or especially from candidates who want to run the elections division for 50% of Utah Residents.

My name is Jeremy Votaw. I'm running for Salt Lake County Clerk and I endorse Operation Chaos.

I have no problems with Republicans voting for Claudia Wright, because the conventional wisdom is that voting for Claudia is going to be like voting for Morgan Philpot in November. I do have a problem with it becoming a part of the campaign strategy for the Utah GOP.

You have your own primary to decide. And by endorsing Operation Chaos, you are saying you don't care who wins that primary. Which is a shame, because there are several differences between the two candidates.

And a warning to Republicans pondering participating in Operation Chaos: if there is a skeleton in Morgan Philpot's closet (Nancy Workman, Sheldon Killpack, Kevin Garn), then you may just wind up with Representative Wright.

And that's something you really don't want to see.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lewis Black on Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourettes

(Hat Tip HuffPost)

"This is a guy who uses more swastika props and video of the Nuremberg rallies than the History Channel."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Back in Black - Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourette's
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Blue Dogs Looking to Close Tax Loopholes

Deseret News:

WASHINGTON — Moderate "Blue Dog" Democrats, co-chaired by Rep. Jim Matheson, want Congress to prepare an annual report that would help identify loopholes in tax laws and figure how much each of them costs the country every year.

"The American people deserve to have a clear idea of where their money is going," said Matheson, D-Utah, as the bill was introduced.

Blue Dog Scott Murphy, D-N.Y., introduced the legislation that would have the Joint Committee on Taxation prepare a report every year analyzing each provision of the tax code, including the cost of specific credits, deductions, exemptions and exclusions. Blue dogs estimate the figure at $1 trillion a year overall.

"After spending my career running small businesses, I know the importance of examining every dollar spent," Murphy said. "That's how government should operate, too."

He added, "This bill will help to shed light on wasteful loopholes and special deals hidden in the tax code."

"We simply cannot continue to allow government spending, regardless of how it occurs, to go unchecked," Matheson said.

The fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition has 54 members and has a stated goal of representing the center of the House of Representatives — the moderate middle between liberals and conservatives. Matheson is the coalition's co-chairman for communications.

Matheson Holding Open House on Wilderness Bill

From the email box:

I am hosting an open house Monday, May 17th, to provide information and to answer questions about HR 5009--the Wasatch Wilderness and Watershed Protection Act. I recently introduced this legislation in the House, after a nearly two-year process meeting with stakeholders. The bill seeks to strengthen protection for our drinking water supply source--the Wasatch canyons-- while enhancing recreation there.
As part of the process, I promised to hold a public meeting so anyone who is interested could come and view the maps, read the bill and ask questions or raise concerns. I am pleased that Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon have agreed to join me at the open house. We will have information stations that include maps and staff who are familiar with all aspects of the bill.
The open house will be held at Skyline High School Cafeteria, 3251 East 3760 South, in Salt Lake. The time is Monday evening, May 17th, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, check my website for more details.

I thought Republicans Hated TelePrompTers.... why did they have one at the state convention?

(Stolen from Sausage Grinder)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Immigration Funny

Matheson Needs To Campaign

And I mean REALLY campaign.

From Warchol:

Will Jim actually start talking to his constituents in the run-up to the primary? Answering their questions? Letting them vent all over him about health care?
Or will he just power up his well-funded media machine and carpet bomb the state with advertising?

One of the major annoyances Matheson's Democratic base had with him — besides some trivialities like voting against health-care reform — is that he he seems to loathe face-to-face, town-halls, and other flesh-pressing, personal-touch stuff. Remember the infamously arrogant robo-call? In short, he blew off The People.


But if it was a strategic decision to dodge the hard questions from Utah Democrats he thought were in his pocket — it's time for some new advisors.

Conventional wisdom holds that Jim should win the primary. However, Chris Cannon thought the same thing two years ago, and that left us with Congressman Chaffetz.

Add to it some crossover from the Republicans voting for Wright, and it's going to be an uphill battle.

And, the portion of Matheson's web site where you sign up to volunteer has enough issues to make me wonder if they know how to campaign, or if they are just going to go through the motions:

Do you use past tense or present tense on volunteer forms? I don't know....use both of them!

Where did the Utah Republicans go?

I read the following commentary in the Deseret News, and I thought that Rep Mascaro hit it on the head. Except the fact that the Utah Republicans got hijacked years ago.

I'm wondering if you can help me find something. I have used it for more than 40 years, and you have probably used it, too. It's the Utah Republican Party. We seemed to have lost it. It was last borrowed by the tea party and Patrick Henry guys — as well as others — who have put a few nicks and dents in it. It doesn't purr quite like it used to do. It seems to screech and holler and boo and scream more than before. I think maybe they broke it. I'm not sure, because I just can't find it. And there are a whole lot of us looking for it.

Maybe we will just have to go out and get a new Utah Republican Party that respects people's differences, that understands what being kind to one another and respecting differing views really means; a party that likes to work together to solve problems — you know, the party of the big tent that President Ronald Reagan talked about. Yes, that party — the one that President Abraham Lincoln helped bring together, the one made up of Independent Northern Democrats, the Fusion Party, the Know Nothing Party, Sympathetic Whigs, Anti-Slavery Democrats, the Radical Republicans and the Conservative Republicans who came together to make our old Utah Republican Party.

Well, I think you know what I mean.

If any of you happen to run across the old, "real" Utah Republican Party and think it might still be salvageable, could you let us know where to find it?

We really miss it.

We hope to find it before it's too late.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Peter Corroon is a Jokester

Democratic consultant Marcie Smith West was getting a picture with Republican Legislator Curt Oda when Salt Lake County Mayor and Democratic Candidate for Governor Peter Corroon jumped into the picture:

(stolen from Facebook)

Bridgewater And Lee's Convention Speeches

I haven't had the chance to watch the whole thing (though I was in the room for Bridgewater's speech). However, more blog posts will be coming, especially on Bridgewater's comments about terrorists not getting Miranda rights showing his (and most Republican's) disregard for the Constitution, and how it will get a terrorist out of jail one day.

Only In Utah (County).....

Saturday was a tough, beat, down, drag out kind of day for me. Between the convention and a rough night at work right afterwards (I freakin Hate the Lakers) , I'm spent. I'll post more about the convention later, but I just wanted to share this "Only in Utah" moment from Friday with you:

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Glenn Beck in Utah July 17 -- Nosebleed seats $45

Glenn beck, who recently said on his radio show that "Utah has played a really nasty role in the history of our country...." will coming coming to Utah on July 17, performing at Energy Solutions Arena.

And, tickets start at $45 (+"fees") for upper bowl seats. Those same seats cost $48 for Jazz games.

Sitting close enough to see the tears running down Glenn's face will cost you upwards of $175.

The American Revival is unlike any other event Glenn Beck has ever undertaken-it's a full day of Glenn-he's the explosive opener, the grand finale, and an integral part of every moment in-between. Through the lessons learned from our history and the real stories behind today's headlines, Glenn and his guests will return your attention to the fundamental ideals of Faith, Hope and Charity to engage your passion and show once and for all that it's not "they the politicians" but we the people who have the power to restart the heart of America

I'm so excited! (NOT!)


Friday, May 07, 2010

Live tweeting the convention

I don't know if there will be wireless internet available at the State Conventions tomorrow, but I will be live tweeting the events. Follow me on twitter, or on the right sidebar of this blog.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Stout and Granato on KVNU

I just listened to the archive of KVNU's For The People interviewing both Christopher Stout and Sam Granato last night.

If you have an extra hour, listen to it here. Stout is interviewed first, and Granato goes second.

It's "I have solutions" vs "I'm a small business owner."

I could make more editorial comment, but I'll let you have a listen and decide for yourself.


Holladay City to Feds: Buy Us Some Surveillance Cameras, Please


Washington » Police officers in Holladay want Congress to foot the bill for video cameras they can hide in high-crime areas to bust gang members.
They call it the Holladay Gang Prevention Initiative and it has the backing of Sens. Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett and Rep. Jim Matheson, all of whom have submitted the earmark request to appropriations committees.
"I saw this as an opportunity to address what is a minor problem now and an upcoming problem in the future," said Capt. Chris Bertram, who leads 24 officers with the Unified Police Department assigned to the Holladay area.
Bertram is asking Congress for a little more than $170,000, which would buy 25 cameras that could be mounted on covert poles, three new computers for monitoring, five laptops, wireless service and training on how to use the system.
If approved, that would equate to one camera for every officer, though only five would likely use and monitor the images. Bertram said he asked for 25 cameras because some may be placed for long periods in a hot spot, and he may set up a number of different angles when investigating an specific crime.
"It is nice to have extra cameras," he said. "They would be a great asset for us in the city."

Now, I'm all for placing cameras in high-crime public areas. However, given the fact that there are not that many public areas that aren't piles of dirt at the moment, I don't see any area where cameras would be effective. The few remaining businesses already have cameras in place.

Most crime in Holladay City is car break-ins in residential areas. Cameras aren't going to fix this problem.

I also think it's funny that Holladay thinks this is their biggest need. Roads are literally falling apart and the two biggest commercial districts in town are dirt piles. Yet buying cameras is a big concern.

I don't get it.


Delegate Email: What Are People Saying about Claudia?

What are people saying about Claudia Wright?
"Claudia is a principled progressive and a long-term thinker. She doesn't play politics. She will fight for the people, not special interests. Utah and the nation would be well served by sending her to Congress." -- John Netto, Candidate, Utah House District 25

"I am voting for Claudia Wright because I'm tired of believing that I have to always choose between the lesser of two evils. Claudia stands for everything
I believe in. Good luck, Claudia and thank you for running!" -- Stacy Eddings, first-time delegate, Salt Lake County

"I am pleased to give my endorsement to Claudia Wright in her courageous race against Jim Matheson. Just as the “Tea Party” is rallying the right wing,
we need a strong progressive voice to stand up for what we believe. Claudia is that voice." -- Michelle Turpin

"We met Claudia last weekend in St. George and immediately became cheerleaders for her, her positions and her campaign. Ready, willing, and able to help!" -- Dorothy Engelman, delegate, Washington County

We are very pleased to add the following to Claudia's list of endorsements:
Southern Utah Stonewall Democrats Executive Board
Salt Lake County Stonewall Caucus
Salt Lake County African-American Caucus
See the complete list of endorsements, as well as more comments and YouTube video endorsements, at The most important endorsements are yours, those of citizens and constituents. Please visit and add your comments or video today!

Thanks to all of you for making this such an exciting campaign! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


The enthusiastic staff of Claudia Wright

Delegate Email From Sam Granato: Join Us at Convention, Saturday

May 5, 2010

Dear Bob:
Since kicking off my campaign in June 2009, I've talked with thousands of people throughout Utah and it's no surprise that the same issues keep coming up in conversation…

HEALTH CARE REFORM. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) signed into law by President Obama on March 23 was a start, but we still have a long way to go to bring coverage to every American, improve the quality of care, and control the rising costs of health care.

Cost-containment is the biggest issue left unresolved in the law. If we do nothing to address rising health care costs, within eight years health care will consume nearly 21% of our national economy.

As a Board Member of Intermountain Health Care (IHC), I've watched the health care reform debate unfold with a great deal of interest. IHC has been recognized as one of the best models in the nation for managing and delivering quality health care at a reasonable price. I am proud to be a part of an organization lauded by the experts as an effective example and am eager to bring my knowledge and experience to the debate in Washington.

CREATING NEW JOBS. We all know that government doesn't create jobs, small business does. Government can create the climate necessary for small business to thrive, but the recently enacted Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act does little to accomplish that goal.

The HIRE Act includes provisions that don't make a lot of sense to a small business owner like me. The law provides an employer tax credit for businesses that hire unemployed workers. Sounds great, but businesses don't make hiring decisions based on tax breaks. We hire new workers when our businesses are growing and we can sustain those workers at a living wage. Career politicians may think they are helping businesses in America, but this law doesn't really help business.

As a small business owner for more than twenty years, I know what it takes to create sustainable jobs. We need laws that actually support small business, not ones that just look good on paper. If more of our elected officials had jobs other than being politicians, we would have laws that actually help small business.

REGULATING WALL STREET. Greed and lack of oversight brought our economy to the brink of collapse and ushered in one of the worst recessions in our nation's history.

We need strong and reasonable regulation. Regulation needs to address Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which were responsible for more than $2.7 trillion in bad mortgages. Regulation needs to separate commercial banking and investment activities like it was before Congress repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. We don't need regulation for the sake of regulation. We need reforms that will create a sound foundation for future economic growth.

As former Chairman of the Board of Beehive Credit Union, I understand the complexity of the financial industry and recognize the need for banks and other financial institutions to make a profit for their members or stockholders. Too often, however, bankers forget that the money they are handling belongs to the depositors, not the financial institutions. Laws should encourage banks to be good stewards of those funds and remind the CEO's that the financial institutions work for the people. Without the deposits of hard-working Americans, there would be no financial institutions.

These are important issues and I look forward to talking with you more about them at the State Convention.


Sam Granato, Candidate
United States Senate

** Please bring this letter with you to the State Convention and visit us at our campaign booth for a special delegate surprise!

Delegate Email From Christopher Stout: Effective Government

Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, I have been speaking with you about the issues that concern me. I know there are far more issues that each of us are passionate about and while I've been on the campaign trail, I have been privileged to learn about and discuss your important issues in far more detail and depth.

One of the important issues I’ve addressed is the need for truly effective government. It can be briefly summed up in the following three points:

It is important to promote legislative transparency because senators and representatives have become complacent and distanced from constituents. We can change this by providing tools for voters to better express their concerns through social media and live webcasts.

We need to bring resolution to challenges through compromise and bipartisan collaboration.

We need to set congressional term limits to twelve years. Term limits will allow more citizens to serve and help bring fresh ideas to Congress.
I believe strongly in transparent, effective government. The Federal Government should be focused on serving the people, not the special interests that scour the Washington of today. Strong reforms promoting the public interest will therefore be a central pillar of my service. To read more about this specific issue and my stance on other important issues, please visit my website at

Thank you,

Christopher Stout

Fried Eggs for May 6

Like the new title for my "interesting stuff"? I'm not sold on it, so if you have a better name, let me know.

*The incompetent guy who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square is Muslim. So is the T-shirt vendor who first notified the cops. (Think Progress)

*Holly Mullen on Facebook: " I suggest while throwing out wild suppostions that Latinos cause most of the crime in Utah the anti-immigration folks look at the stats on white-collar crimes, ala Rick Koerber (alleged), Val Southwick (convicted) and others. Real estate scams, investment rip-offs to the tune of millions of $$. And nary an immigrant among these perps."

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mike Lee Doesn't Want To Be Filmed

This has left me without words. From former US Senate candidate Pete Ashdown:

Seeing Mike Lee was going to do a “Meet & Greet” in Salt Lake City today, I went to see for myself what this Republican candidate for U.S. Senate was all about. I asked him several questions and got answers that I agreed and disagreed with. I would tell you more about our discussion of his endorsers, the 4th & 14th amendments, his desire for term limits but his repeated votes for Hatch and Bennett, and why our government is a “tyranny” in spite of the supremacy clause of the Constitution, but unfortunately his campaign wouldn’t allow me to record anything.

And, of course, Pete got a recording of them telling him why they don't want to be recorded. The fun begins at the 3 minute mark:

Now, anyone in that meeting can say that Mike Lee said in the meeting that he likes to eat babies. There's no proof that he did or didn't say that. Chances are, he didn't say anything about eating babies. But, that rumor gets started. And it becomes a he said/she said debate, with nobody having proof.

Now, if the person who started that rumor was allowed to film the event, then Mike Lee would have to say "I like to eat babies" for that rumor to spread. Mike Lee can say "It was edited. I said not to believe people who say that I like to eat babies." Now, if there was someone else recording the event who is a Mike Lee supporter (or staffer or intern), they can post the full video on Youtube as proof that the "I like to eat babies" quote was taken out of context.

And, there's a flip side. Let's say Joe Public, whether he is a Mike Lee fan or not, records the event. At the event, Mike tells an inspirational story about the founding fathers. Joe public has the video, uploads it to YouTube and sends it out to his friends and family (people who won't normally attend political functions), who get to see an inspiring story, and decide that they, too are Mike Lee supporters.

It's 2010. You can find good cameras and tripods for relatively cheap these days. Even setting up the camera in the back of the room and leaving it to record is easier than trying to police whether people are recording you for evil (or good) purposes.

As it stands, 156 have seen the video that Mike Lee doesn't want to be filmed. And they have probably started telling their friends on Twitter and Facebook. And I'm sure that not everyone who hears about it will watch the video. They will just know that Mike Lee doesn't want to be filmed.

ENDORSEMENT: Stout for Senate -- Substance over Style

I like Sam Granato. I was excited to see what he had to offer when he first started running.

However, other than his friendships with "Mr Mac" Christiansen and Frank Layden, delicious food, and the ability to identify that the Government is not doing things well, I don''t really see where he has brought anything to the race.

Yet, the more that I look at Christopher Stout, the more I like him.

Not only does he identify the problems we are facing, he provides solutions, more than most candidates at this stage of a campaign.

Stout has been labeled as the more Liberal of the two Democrats running for this seat, mostly because of the company he is keeping.

However, does this sound like a typical "Liberal" candidate?

Many people have asked me, “Why do you want to run for U.S. Senate?” The answer is as complex as the many problems our nation faces today. First, and foremost, I believe that a Democrat can represent the people of Utah in the U.S. Senate. Many Democrats within Utah feel that the state isn’t willing to accept Democrats in the state’s highest offices. I disagree. We need more Democrats to step up and prove that we have the ability to identify issues and work towards resolutions that benefit the people of Utah. We have viable solutions to issues, we share common values with our Republican friends, and we can make a difference.

Second, the nation was founded on compromise, maintained by compromise, and successful because of compromise. In the Senate today, I see very little compromise. I see a Senate that is playing politics and pampers the special interests rather than meeting the needs of the People. The health care debate over the past year provided an insight to me, that many politicians and special interests groups aren’t really trying to help bring solutions to our issues. We must determine problems, offer solutions, reach compromises, and then revisit the issue again next year to see how well our compromises worked and reach more compromises until we have the best possible government that we can have. I believe that this effort is missing from our Senate representation. It is missing because we keep electing career politicians, and not representatives of the people. We must approach our solutions that are in the best interests of the people, not special interests, and not politicians.

It sounds like someone who knows what it will take to be an effective Senator for Utah.

And that's why I am endorsing Christopher Stout for US Senate.

-Bob Aagard

Read More about the candidates::
Sam Granato
Christopher Stout

Interesting Stuff for May 5

There are many things that I find interesting that I don't ant to devote a whole post to. So, I'll post them here as a "morning roundup" type of thing, set to post the next morning. It needs a name, so if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments.

*States won by both Kerry and Obama have lower divorce rates and lower teen birth rates than those that were won by both Bush and McCain. (The Volokh Conspiracy)

*Glenn Beck and I agree on something: It's important to read terror suspects captured in the U.S. their Miranda Rights. (Think Progress)

*There was a plan for containing and burning off an oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. In 1994.Same plan we are going to institute just as soon as we can bring in the equipment from South America. Because Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations didn't buy any. (Mobile Press-Register)

*Phoenix Suns to wear "Los Suns" in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and because they don't want their Latino fans to thin they are in favor of the new immigration law. (Deseret News)

*Carl Wimmer goes the rounds in the comments section of my blog.

*Bob Benentt possibly running a "type-in" election? Vancour thinks so (KTVX)

*Be the smartest Gringo at the Office or your Cinco de Mayo party when you bust out facts about the Battle of Puebla.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Carl Wimmer's Bogus Immigration Numbers

Carl Wimmer on KSL's Sunday Edition:

"From the Bureau of Criminal Identification -- and these are hard statistics -- in Salt Lake City, Chief [Chris] Burbank's jurisdiction, 81 percent of the homicides, when you have a recorded ethnicity, are committed by Hispanics,"

BCI shows that 18 people were arrested in Salt Lake City for homicides in 2008. 9 were Hispanic, 2 were not Hispanic, and 7 were of unknown ethnicity.

However, the Salt Lake Police Department has slightly different numbers for 2008. According to them, there were 19 homicide arrests that year. The racial makeup was as follows: 3 Caucasian, 7 Hispanic, 3 Polynesian, 5 African-American, and one Native American.

However, nothing in either set of numbers tells us how many of those arrests were of people here illegally. Not all Hispanics are here illegally.

And, just because you get arrested for homicide doesn't make you guilty.


p.S. I want to see Carl Wimmer's papers. I don't believe that he's here legally.....

Monday, May 03, 2010

Glenn Beck is a Nazi Hypocrite

The "history buff" needs to read up on his late 30's German History.

Corroon campaign video introducing Lt Gov Pick

BREAKING: Corroon Picks Sheryl Allen as Running Mate

Rep. Allen's bio from the Legislative web site:

Education: B.S., Elementary Education, M.S., Educational Administration, University of Utah

Profession: Foundation Director, Davis County School District

Recognitions and Affiliations: 100 Women for 100 Years (co-chair), 1996; recipient of Susa Young Gates Award, 1998; Utah Hotel and Lodging Association Legislator of the Year, 2005; Utah School Board Association Legislator of the Year, 2004; Utah Medical Association Legislator of the Year, 2006; KUED (PBS) Board of Directors; NCSL Economic Development Committee (chair 2004-06); NCSL Standing Committee (vice chair 2007); George Washington University Elliott School of International Business (trade advisory committee); Forum on Democracy and Trade (board member); Colorado Plateau Archeological Project (board member); Hogle Zoo Board of Directors, (former member); Utah Humanities Council Board of Directors, (former member); Davis County Board of Education (past president)

2009-2010 Legislative Assignments: Economic Development and Revenue Appropriations Subcommittee (Co Chair); House Revenue and Taxation Committee; House Judiciary Committee

Legislative Service: July 20, 1994

I think it's a great pick. More later.

Both Conventions At Salt Palace all Democrats' Fault, According to GOP Chair

Out of Context's Political Cornflakes:

[Utah GOP Chairman Dave] Hansen, meanwhile, explained on Facebook why the state’s two major parties are holding their convention at the same place on the same day at the same time: “There is plenty of room. The Dems are in a completely different section of the Salt Palace. They made their reservation there months after we had made ours. A previously booked event pulled out and the Dems decided to schedule there. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about it. Hopefully, we won't see them and they won't see us next Saturday.”

Which I would accept, except that every Democratic State Convention held during even-numbered years has been on the south end of the Salt Palace since at least 2004.

And I don't remember the last time the GOP held their state convention at the Salt Palace.

Personally, I think that we should have a dance-off in the middle of the Salt Palace. That would be fun.